Belted Galloways are a naturally polled animal that originated from Scotland. There are a number of legends about the existence of the belt with the key one involving the cross between a Dutch Lakenvelder, a dutch dairy breed which is belted and the Galloway.

Belties are known for their quietness and we have found that in our herd. A large number of our cows we can pat in the paddock and they are a pleasure to handle.  We have found them to adapt to the climate and the breed is known to be able to thrive in harsh, cold conditions. In Australia with the warmer climate, the cattle generally sit in the shade during the day and graze morning, evening and night. Given the opportunity, they will gladly take a dip in the dam on a hot summers day.

The cows are good mothers and have a rich milk for their young. They usually have small calves and calve easy. Their meat is known for its tenderness and taste.

The Belted Galloway mature animal can vary in size. Our mature females with calves at foot are usually around the 500 kilogram mark while our bulls have been over 800 kilograms.